Sunday, November 29, 2009

54. Wait for father

(On the anniversary of 26/11)

Everyone is crying ceaselessly,
I don’t know why.

Mother is crying the most
Her tears make me cry,
But to my persistent questions
I get only tight hugs
I don’t know why.

Just a few moments back
Things were so different,
Everyone was smiling
Everyone was cheerful
What has since gone wrong?

I know who will answer
All the questions I have,
But where has he gone?
Why has he not returned
From wherever he has gone?


Anonymous said...

what a touching tribute ! I am speechless

R. Ramesh said...

good one yar this..and thanks for yr continuous encouragement buddy...

nituscorner said...

very well written. speaks volumes of the emotions in it.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

How sad and trying to find an answer for the loss. Thanks for your feelings.

Indrani said...

Touching tribute!

rohini said...

very touchy....