Saturday, December 26, 2009

56.To the ocean

So vast, so beautiful, so deep,
So good, so generous you are,
Keeping palms open all the time
For those who come close to you.

But why are you cruel at times
For no rhyme or reason,
Behaving in a manner so strange
That you do not look yourself?

Why do you produce Tsunamis
That hit like heartless monsters,
Wiping out entire habitations
Drawn to you by your benevolence?

Why do you create cyclones
That wash away throbbing colonies
Why don’t you sometimes return
Fishermen lured by good catch?

Why do you sometimes carry
Unknown killers on your waves,
Why don’t you sink their boats,
Why don’t you drown them?


Saadia said...

If the Ocean were so just and benevolent all the time, how could it ever compliment mother earth?

rohini said...

very touchy....and i wish the last para always gets true

How do we know said...

To Man:

I am not
the judge, the jury,
or even a witness
to your crimes.

I do not exist
to please
or pain you.
I just am.
Just like you.

are not meant to destroy.
are not created.
They just are.
Just like you.

Destruction, Deadly,
Cruel... are adjectives
that exist
only when you look at me
with reference to you.

Don't you understand?
to me,
you exist
Only as much as
the Blue Whale,
or a seal
or any other pollutant.

Onkar said...

Thanks for the poetic reply. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Expect to see many more such poems on your blog.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to control nature's fury. I hope we will not see any other Tsunami in future.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Happy New Year 2010

Onkar said...

Thanks. Wish you and other blogger friends a happy new year.

nituscorner said...

beautiful!!! the tsunamis is a way of Nature showing us her anger i guess but lets pray that she doesn't get so angry again.