Sunday, December 06, 2009

78. Invisible golden heart

We all have the experience of bumping into people who have perfected the art of snubbing others – people who can shout at, abuse or humiliate others at the drop of a hat. They maintain a tough exterior as a matter of strategy. Any show of politeness, to them, is a sign of weakness which others are waiting to exploit. Any smile, they feel, will prompt others to take advantage of them. They hardly trust anyone. Slighting others is a source of entertainment to them. It gives them a feeling of power and superiority over others.

Such people are often those who have power of some kind. The more the power, the more insufferable they are likely to be. They make the lives of their victims truly miserable.

Curiously, such people often have some admirers who shamelessly go on advertising that they are rude only outwardly; that they do not mean any harm to others; that they are excellent human beings; that they are very good at heart.

I find this very funny. How can atrocious behavior be condoned in the name of some hidden attributes? What we are generally bothered about is the outward behaviour of a person, especially when he is not close to us. It hardly matters to us if he has a golden heart. We are hardly likely to ever put his heart to any use.

If I am to meet someone who is a stranger or just an acquaintance, I will rather like him to be mean and wicked, but well-behaved and courteous. Why should I bother about his heart with which I have nothing to do? Of course, if someone is well-behaved and also has a golden heart, I don’t mind. But may God save me from one who claims to hide a golden heart in a devil’s exterior!


kavita said...

I echo your thoughts...rudeness is the IN thing now a days,a thing to boost about,some call it being honest ,many straightforwardness.No matter how honest,truthful or straightforward someone is,they have no right to be mean or rude to others.Like you said ...God save us from these golden hearts.

R. Ramesh said...

there's a saying in tamil: oh god, protect me from those who keep something in their mind but talk something different. good post buddy

How Do said...

ha ha ha ha ha.. totally true.. but honestly, i echo Kavita.. its almost as if being polite is wrong!

And to such Golden heart ppl, pls tell them that if they really had a golden heart, they would pause to consider the effect their words have on other ppl. Hurting others is not quite indicative of a "Golden Heart" - is it?

Rajesh said...

Very true. But I am slow to mingle, may be that has protected me from this some time.

Indrani said...

Well, the rough exterior puts you off so much that there is hardly any wish left to get to the golden interior. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I simply can't digest rudeness. Hardly you will find people in this world with politeness.