Saturday, January 09, 2010

80. New Year greetings

Exchange of greetings is an integral part of New Year celebrations. As we bid farewell to the year gone-by and welcome the new one, we spare a thought for those who fill colours in our lives - without whom one year is no different from another. A new year always brings joy which we want to share with our near and dear ones. If possible, we meet them. If not, we write to them or talk to them over phone.

Not long back, people used to write personal notes to those they were not in a position to meet. Even if the notes were small, the happiness they brought was immense. The feelings were authentic and not borrowed. The handwriting itself created in the mind an image of the writer. The combined effect of the content and the handwriting almost made one feel the physical presence of the writer.

Things have now changed. Printed greeting cards are easily available even in small towns. They save time for people who are perpetually busy. Relationships are sought to be maintained and nurtured these days without investment of time and effort.

The printed cards look very nice and sophisticated. They contain well-written messages, but do not reflect the personality of the sender. The impact of the handwriting is missing. You can feel the presence of someone neither you nor the sender recognizes. Printed cards are like paper flowers.

But let us be happy that we continue to get printed cards. These may not bring the same amount of joy, but at least, someone has remembered us in the new year.


R. Ramesh said...

haha..happy new yr buddy...again e-greeting..hehe.and thanks for your wishes too buddy..enjoy..

Indrani said...

I will consider myself lucky if I get cards. This year it was e-greetings. :(

Victor said...

I agree a personalize greeting card has more character than the ones available in a grocery rack. You can try using online printing companies, like to upload your design (or any favorite image) and have it print on a greeting card.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Am lucky to receive cards for occasions - New Year, Chinese New year, Deepavali, Christmas and birthday. Glad someone remembers me this way:)))