Saturday, February 06, 2010

82.Young ones of birds

Taking a stroll in my neighbourhood park early in the morning, I saw birds flying from one tree to another. Some were sitting on branches all alone while others were in groups. Some would sit for a while and then fly – as if staying idle for long was not acceptable to them.They would fly from one branch to another without any apparent reason- for the pleasure of flying as if to convey that every effort need not be made for some concrete gain.

The sun had not yet come out and it was quite cold early in the morning. I wondered how the young ones of birds behaved. Do they make excuses not to get up from their cosy beds? Do they say, they have a headache and are unable to get up? Do they fight with their siblings for the cosiest and warmest part of the nest? Do they plead to their parents to let them sleep a little more?

How do those who get up early behave? Do they say,”can I have a quick flight to that branch?”Do they insist on getting a quick bite first? Do they yearn for some drink- something like bed tea? Do they begin their day with a full-throated chirp to announce “aall izz well”?

When young ones get up in the morning, are they cheerful or are they irritable? Are they fresh or are they tired?

I watch birds in the park and keep wondering. I am sure, the young ones of birds are much more relaxed than our kids. There is no school, no homework. No one expects them to be doctors, engineers or executives.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Birds fly and they fly freely. That is their way of life. Our kids can't fly away from their parents, not when they are young. There's so much we ask of them :(

R. Ramesh said...

haha wonderful post yar..enjoyed reading..

Rajesh said...

Very interesting. Never thought about this.

BK Chowla, said...

We react to only what we understand in words .
May be, when the birds talk to each other or to themselves ,we don't understand the language.

Indrani said...

One day when our children are old enough they too will move away... some will care to ask... some will not.

Margaret said...

Really nice thoughts about birds!

If only we could read what goes on in their little heads.
They certainly have a more relaxed way of life than any of us. Maybe we can learn something from them. :))