Saturday, March 20, 2010

62.The Seed

I am a tiny weak seed,
Sow me in soft soil,
Water me without fail,
In no time will I sprout.

Show me a little care,
I will soon be a plant
That will grow with time
Into a big strong tree.

The big tree will yield
Billions of tiny seeds
That if tended well
Will grow into strong trees.

I am not a poor little seed,
I am a tree, I am a forest,
I am good enough to cover
Your whole world with greenery.


rohini said...

wow so thing time teaches us to be stronger for the better.....thnx for such nice words

Kadri Luik said...

That's simply beautiful.

This part really struck a cord within me:
"I am not a poor little seed,
I am a tree, I am a forest,"

It makes me think of how we are as human beings and the "seeds" we spread around us in our daily life. It might not seem as much but we are also a forest of a sort. =)

nituscorner said...

nice composition.

R. Ramesh said...

simply awesome..skipped the later post as it was worrying..hehe..boss thanks for yr kind words ya...cheers:)