Saturday, March 27, 2010

63.Victim of greed

Young green leaf,
Why did you leave the tree?
True, it was in a lonely corner,
True, sunshine and water were not aplenty,
But you were not dying.

Discontent filled your days there,
Your heart ached for a lively corner,
For more water and sunshine,
For greener, stronger and taller trees.

You have taken the flight today,
Severed the bond in search of new ties,
But this is not the world for you,
No arms are spread out for you.

In new world you have no place,
To old world you cannot return,
Your fate is to lie on the ground,
Ready to be trampled by passers-by,
Ready to be tossed around by winds.

You must turn pale and wither away,
Young leaf, you are a victim of your greed.


R. Ramesh said...

wonder whether my comnt got regd..anywy.thanks buddy 4 yr kind words..:)

nituscorner said...

it is greed that most of the time makes us do things in life that is other wise thought unethical.its funny for a hand ful of silver how and what we can do.

How do we know said...

somehow, your poem reminded me, not of a leaf, but of a woman..and then i thot, is it greed, or is it unwillingness to live with that which is not deserved? Did the leaf deserve to be starved of nutrition? Is it greed to demand more out of life? No, the only stupid part, is that she was a leaf - once a leaf breaks, no arms wait for her.. if she was a dog, a tiger, or anything, if she was a man.. a thousand doors would open.. but she was a leaf.. it is not the desire itself that victimised her, but that she was a leaf... and a leaf cannot desire.. she must submit to the circumstances of her birth, or die..

R. Ramesh said...

onkar ji cheers n best wishes

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Onkar said...

Good observation from "How do you know". This can easily be converted into another poem. Thanks.