Wednesday, November 24, 2010

79. Questions to the bird

Bird, where have you come from?


Which branch did you sit on,

Which field did you hop on,

Which balcony did you visit,

Which tree is your nest on?


Through which path did you fly,

How high did you touch the sky,

Which other birds did you meet

Which other places did you see?


Which song did you sing,

Which forest did you bring alive,

Which pond did you drink from,

Which dangers did you escape?


Bird, which souls did you touch,

Which lives did you change?


Indrani said...

They are lucky.
If they start answering it will run pages after pages.

kavita said...

If only they could answer !You write beautifully Onkar ji !

sm said...

beautiful poem
Ek Parinda Hoon Main, Ek Parinda Hai Tu
Kuchh Bhi Maaloom Nahin, Khatm Ho Kab Safar

How do we know said...

Answer from Bird:

Why, dear Asker,
do you ask so much
and live so little ?

If you'd just
fly with me
you'd see
that the sky
quenches all the thirst of the eyes
and then
we do not see
the lives we touch
the dangers pass
as Tests of God
and the lakes and the forests
are brush strokes
in the paintings of our lives.

Come, dear asker, become the seeker
and then your spirit
will grow wings too
and your questions
will be answered:

Mera mazhab hai Akash..

(I always hog comments space, but your posts are always so thought provoking... really.. thank you so much for sharing this.. if it wasnt for ur posts, i wld never have connected with poetry again)

Margaret said...

Very beautifully written.
I often ask many of these questions and wonder....