Monday, February 14, 2011

106. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is being observed today. I cannot think of any other day which has seen such a meteoric rise. While couples in love have existed since time immemorial, Valentine's Day is of recent origin. A few years back,'Valentine's Day' would have sounded as foreign to our couples as Greek and Roman, but not any more. Today, if any of the partners is unaware of the day and does not show enough care to observe it, the future of their love life may be at stake.

I have seen hundreds of advertisements in newspapers in run-up to the Valentine's Day. There are attractive discounts on mobiles,laptops,CD players,flowers...almost anything that will qualify as decent gifts between couples. Restaurants are overbooked. People have taken leave from their offices to celebrate the day. Such preparations are rarely seen during Holi, Deewali and other unglamourous festivals.

For trouble-makers also,Valentine's Day is a rare opportunity. They have been preparing themselves with the necessary arms and ammuntion to take on the ever-growing army of Valentine's Day couples. They are carefully selecting their targets- restaurants, parks, malls, etc. Clearly, they are fast losing the battle. Administration, however, is not taking any chances. They have to uphold love at all costs. Security forces have been deployed in strength to provide a hassle-free Valentine's Day to couples.

I have not seen so much enthusiasm for the Father's Day, the Mother's Day and the Raksha Bandhan which celebrates the love between the brother and the sister. I don't know if there are days dedicated to other relations like grandparents,sons and daughters.

Will it be a good idea to celebrate the Valentine's Day simply as the day of love - between lovers, spouses,parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren...? The only problem is that on the Valentine's Day, children may be too busy to find time for their parents and grandparents for obvious reasons.

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Bikramjit said...

:) yeah true children may be busy in finding there love of the Time .. i was about to say love of the life.. but then that doesnot exist in todays world :)

hope you had a good day :)