Wednesday, March 23, 2011

108. A different world

I am currently on a visit to Australia. The experience of being here is so different. I have seen a little bit of Sydney and Canberra. There are very few high-rise buildings. Most houses are single-storeyed. There is plentry of land and very small population. You will not see big markets like we do in Delhi. Window-shopping hardly has any scope here. It is so strange to walk in streets without rubbing your shoulders with others. Sometimes, you feel scary. If you lose your way, you may not find anyone to guide you. Shops here close very early - by 6 pm or 7 pm. People seem to be very particular about protecting their private time and private space.
Cricket has not caught much attention so far. Channels are hardly talking about the World Cup. Maybe, the interest will grow as the tournament progresses and Australia puts up a good show.
I hear a lot of chirping of birds all through the day. That is the sound I miss in Delhi. Hares hop around in the bushes- something unimaginable at most places in India.
Once I get back, I will try to post some pictures on the blog which perhaps will show what our giant population has deprived us of.

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Bikramjit said...

I so envy you ... I was there 2 years ago, sydney .. drove to canberra .. hey try going to WoollenGong its a beatuiful place also has a Mandir on way ..

I drove to gold coast also australia is beautiful .. have a great time