Saturday, May 28, 2011

111. On running backwards

A widely reported study recently stated that running backwards is more beneficial to health than running forwards. It protects the joints, improves cardio-vascular fitness and burns more calories. 100 steps backwards have the same benefits as 1000 steps forwards. Running backwards also improves co-ordination.
I am tempted to start walking backwards when I visit my neighbourhood park tomorrow morning. I am not sure, if that would be easy. A major problem is that I don’t have eyes at the back. So, there is a chance of my causing injury to myself or to others. If I bump into ladies, I may never be able to walk again- either forwards or backwards.
I may be able to make up for the handicap if I turn my head to either side and bring my eyes to a position where they are able to see backwards.But the success can at best be partial. I also run the risk of offsetting health benefits from running backwards with a neck injury. If my head could move 360 degrees, I could have managed to walk backwards comfortably without an additional pair of eyes at the back. May be, even one eye in front and one eye at the back would have helped. But  these are engineering issues beyond my control.
I am sure, my walking backwards will provide free entertainment to many morning walkers. Those who are unaware of the research may think that I am not mentally sound. Others may think that there are some people who don’t mind making caricatures of themselves if they can be assured of some health benefit from some weird activity. But all onlookers will find the sight laughable and they will surely derive health benefits from my walking backwards.
All my life, I followed the advice that I must always move forwards. That hardly helped me. Moving backwards may actually take me forwards. This is the only silver lining that I can see in following the new advice.


kavita said...

Lolz.I would be very careful if i was you.It could be dangerous in case you trip .Take care :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I think it takes a lot of practice to walk backwards besides the inherent problems. I'll just keep looking and walking forwards.

Indrani said...

If there is a special track for it may be I will attempt. :)