Sunday, December 25, 2011

104.Old year

Don't leave with guilt, old year.

My woes were not your making,
My failures not your fault,
My slip-ups were mine only,
My ill-luck was my own creation.

You gave me days with sunshine,
But I chose to embrace darkness;
You gave me nights to relax,
But I opted to lose my slumber.

What you offered I squandered,
With sloth I greeted you forever,
You can keep your head high,
I must hide my face, old year.


kavita said...

Happy New Year to you and yours , Onkar ji :):)

Onkar said...

Thanks, Kavitaji. Happy new year to you and your family as well.

How do we know said...

2011 ko aisi baat kisi ne nahi kahi hogi :-) happy new year to u sir.

Indrani said...

full of emotions again...
Happy New Year to you and yours!