Sunday, October 28, 2012

134. Change of seasons

The summer has almost gone, but the winter has not fully arrived. The situation is rather confusing and distressing. During the day time, it is warm, but in the evenings, nights and early mornings, it is a bit cold. You don't know whether time is ripe to get rid of your T-shirts and shorts and get into something fuller. You don't know whether it's time to pull out your warm clothes. You don't know whether you are done with squashes, ice creams and cold drinks for the year. 

The confusion continues for days and weeks. Every year, it happens and yet we don't know how to deal with it. We put on warm clothes in the morning only to find that they have become uncomfortable during the day.  We come out in T-shirts during the day only to find that we need full sleeves during early evenings. We go to bed with a thin sheet to cover ourselves only to find in the middle of the night that we need something warmer. We go out for morning walks in shorts only to find that the sun is not warm enough.

Why does the nature play with us in this manner year after year? If the summer were to vanish one fine evening to be replaced by the winter the very next morning, things would have been much simpler. We would have been spared the trouble to think hard and take decisions about mundane things of life. We would have handled ourselves much better.

The teasing ways of nature seem to be a reminder that whatever progress we make, we cannot be ahead of nature. We don't even know how to handle a situation that we face year after year. The experience is quite humbling.


Bikramjit said...

we are having something like this here it has suddenly turned so cold and snow is predicted soon ..


R. Ramesh said...

yes sir nature is too powerful..:)

How do we know said...

What a lovely thought.. made me smile :)