Wednesday, March 27, 2013

144. Holi, a joyous festival

Holi, the festival of colours, was celebrated today. From my balcony, I could see scores of children playing down below. It was difficult to separate the rich from the poor and the educated from the uneducated. All looked the same. The clothes they wore and the colours they had were similar. Anyone could throw a water-filled balloon on anyone else and no one could complain. There were a large number of girls also, playing Holi gleefully. Parents who would otherwise frown on their daughters going ecstatic didn't seem to mind this on Holi. I realized that this festival is a great equalizer.

I also saw people going from door to door, drawing reluctant people out. On Holi, one has the liberty to knock even at the door of those who are just acquaintances and not necessarily friends. Even forcing reluctant people to play is acceptable.  In fact, there are many who lock themselves up in their houses in the hope that somebody will come and force them out. They use a lot of physical force to avoid getting coloured, but quite often, this is just drama. Inside, they want to get coloured and drenched. They enjoy this more when they indulge in a bid of scuffle before ultimately giving in. There may be very few who seriously like to avoid playing Holi.  Holi-revelers find it close to impossible to recognize their right to exist in the society. 

I also love the music of Holi. So many beautiful folk songs full of life have been written for Holi. When these are sung to the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments like dholak, majira and dafli, one feels like dancing. 

Holi is a festival that drives away woes and worries and ushers in happiness. This is perhaps the reason why Holi-like festivals are celebrated in many parts of the world. 


How do we know said...

yes, very true. now when we celebrate holi, we lke it a lot too.

Indrani said...

I prefer to lock myself up.
Hope you had a good one.