Sunday, May 05, 2013

146. On snoring

I read some interesting data on snoring in newspapers today. One in ten adults considers leaving his/her spouse over snoring. It is the second most common cause of night time squabbles. One in ten couples falls out at least twice a week over snoring. 20% of adults lose at least two hours of sleep every day because of snoring.

I realised some virtues of snoring while reading these statistics. From my own experience, I know that snoring has a great variety. Some types  are mild while the others are wild. Some have a rhythm while the others are erratic. Even within these broad categories, there are subtle variations. If one does a proper research on the subject, one could come up with regional or local differences as well. One may come up with the conclusion that snoring is almost as rich in diversity as language, music, art and culture. That may give some semblance of dignity to this much maligned form of music which is produced without any musical instrument. To that extent, it is quite poor-friendly and particularly suits developing countries like ours.

As a form of music, snoring has certain other virtues as well. It is very effortless and spontaneous. It is so effortless that the person producing the music is not even aware of it. It is that lofty state of music where one forgets oneself. I know some people who sing very badly when they try, but their snoring is of much better quality. Those around can enjoy it a lot if they have an open mind ,are a bit cultured and tolerant and not in a hurry to sleep.

I find snoring quite a divine form of music-  totally selfless. The person who produces it does so without anyone asking him/her to do so, does not charge anything for the service rendered and makes it available to the audience within the environs of their homes. The person carries the entire burden of producing the music on his own shoulders. He requires neither any musical instrument nor any accompanying artist. Night after night, he devotedly and tirelessly produces the music  without expecting anything in return.  The most significant aspect of this selflessness is that he himself has no opportunity to enjoy what he produces.

My research is far from over. Snoring is too important a topic to be disposed off in just one post.


Indrani said...

I believe one can get rid of snoring with pranayam like 'kapalbhati'.

Sai Charan said...

I've never thought of snoring as music! Interesting! :)