Saturday, June 08, 2013

127. For whom?

This estate, this wealth,
For whom do you gather?

For your children,grandchildren
Who will wait for you to depart?
For your great grandchildren
Who will hardly know who you were?

Why this illusion, this deception,
This urge to leave a legacy
Of affluence for the undeserving,
For the unknown traced to blood?

Why give your loved ones
The cancer of easy comfort,
Why deprive them of joy
That flows from toil?

Why not enjoy the fruits of your labour,
Why feel guilty about doing so?
What you earned has to be yours,
None deserves it better than you.


R. Ramesh said...

awesome yar..enjoyed reading...remember carnegie: "who is going to remember u or me after 100 years"

web Designing Company In Pune said...

Very woeful Lines!!
But This IS The Reality of Recent Era.
Another Reality Is That What You Earn Is NOt For Your Comfort, You Earn To Make Your Family Comfortable.