Saturday, June 22, 2013

149. Positive attitude

Positive attitude is something we talk freely about without imbibing it in our own lives. People with most negative thoughts advocate it as a key to resolving all problems of life. They keep saying - positive attitude may help you achieve what appears impossible initially, it may help you deal with failure better, it may help you enjoy everything and so on. These  statements are all true, but the disconnect between the theory and practice is clearly visible. It is difficult to change one's attitudes and it is difficult to find striking examples of people with positive attitude. Negativity is what prevails all around.

But during my recent visit to London, I met a taxi driver who struck me with his remarkably positive attitude. He drove me around London for a few hours and told me things about London which I was totally unaware of - about its places, weather, traffic, trees, culture and so on. He was very knowledgeable and had an intimate way of explaining things. It was clear that he was very contented. He told me about his wife and his son and also about his love of gardening. He showed me pictures of his stunningly beautiful garden which was the result of the combined efforts of himself and his wife.

Whatever he said reflected his positive attitude. He is currently between 60 and 70 and was married when he was very young. He conveyed it so beautifully when he said, he was lucky to have met his wife so early in his life. 

He told me that every year, he and his wife go to a Mediterranean island for a fortnight of vacation. During one such visit, he noticed that there was no one on the beach except the two of them. Others would have felt lonely, but not my taxi driver. He said, he was thrilled to notice that they had the entire beach to themselves.

I would be happy if I could have an attitude like that. I paid him only for driving. His wisdom, knowledge, charm and attitude all came free. 


How do we know said...

you are right. positive attitude and lessons that come from such people are anyway priceless.

Indrani said...

That was a nice read. We do meet people who teach us simple lessons of life that we don't get to read in books.

Sai Charan said...

Definitely agree with you, there are such great people around us and we only notice when we actually get the chance and sufficient time to interact with them! There is a lot to learn from a person with a positive approach towards life! :)

Thanks for sharing your experience :) Cheers! :)