Sunday, July 14, 2013

129. The parting

The hand that went up
To say goodbye to you
Still waits for your response.

All the quarrel and rancor
That had a termite-like grip
On the bond we once shared
Should not have led to this pass
When not only the warmth withered,
But even the exchange of glances
And minimum words of necessity
Came to a standstill.

With relationship broken into pieces
And each piece laboriously hammered into dust,
The parting was inevitable,
But it could have been better.

If not a mechanical hug,
A mechanical bidding of farewell
Could have made the parting less painful
Not just for me, but for both of us.

Come back,
Not for long, but just for a moment,
Not to patch up, but just to wave,
We need to complete the parting.


Keats Markandu said...

I can see the parting before my eyes. Beautifully painted. How a wave can make life more bearable.

Sai Charan said...

God blessed some people with a stronger hearts which can be cold to others and still carry on like normal, but there are weaker hearts that suffer from pain, can be broken easily and can't move on so easily!

So, your poem suggests that the stronger heart should sympathise with the weaker one and allow the parting to be done in a better way such that it is easier to accept than to regret for the rest of the life!

Well written Onkarji! Cheers!!