Saturday, July 20, 2013


My coming to you time and again,
My knocking on your door day and night,
My hugging you whenever I wish,
My dialing your number every hour,
My efforts to mend your ways
My concern for your hunger and health -
I know, irritates and troubles you,
Makes you feel like a kid,
Embarrasses you before your friends,
Maybe, even retards your growth.

But believe me, this is not by choice,
I just cannot hold myself back,
Whatever I do to you and for you
Springs from my boundless love for you
And on my love, my dear, I have no control...


Indrani said...

Nice lines.

A S said...

thats nice! real love is all about caring for small things :)

Sai Charan said...

Beautiful poem! :) Parents can't hold back the infinite love for their children, so they express it naturally!! :)

Binod Ringania said...

Good Poetry.