Saturday, August 17, 2013

131. Crippling love

Often, I try to look
The way you want me to look,
The parting of my hair,
The colour of my dress,
The T-shirt and the jeans,
The ring, the watch, the shoes,
The frame of my spectacles -
All is of your liking.

Often, I try to speak
The way you want me to speak,
The type of words I use,
The way I pronounce them,
The mannerisms I display -
All is of your choice.

What will I say or not say,
How much will I say,
When will I say,
How will I say -
The answers are all with you.

Often, when I am confused
Or you are not clear,
I imagine and conclude
What you will like me to say
What you will like me to do.

My love for you is so crippling,
Nothing of myself is left in me now.


Sai Charan said...

Good poem on obsessive devotion, self surrender and losing individuality in love! :)

Jobs said...

Good love poem, Thanks for Sharing.
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