Sunday, September 08, 2013

132. Then and now

I loved my father
When he carried me on his shoulders
From behind a wall of humans
To let me have a peep
At the stage far beyond.

I loved my father
When he lifted me up
And ran towards the school,
Worried, I'd miss a class.

I loved my father
When he ran a mock race,
Willfully slowing down mid-way,
Letting me go past him,
Sensing my desire to win.

I loved my father
When he walked with me,
Side by side, hand in hand,
Teaching me nuances of life,
Helping me find my way.

Now, his shoulders are drooping,
His legs are shaking,
His back bent at right angle,
He is unable to carry himself.

He is no longer strong enough,
Nor do I need his strength,
Now, I don't love my father,
He has lost his use for me. 


Indrani said...

Hmmm.... sad!

Government Job said...

Nice poem. Thanks for sharing,
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Sai Charan said...

Good poem, narrates the tale of an ungrateful child!

Love isn't ungrateful, so when the child says he/she loved their father, it must be just liking! Cause if they really loved, then they would appreciate and be thankful for all that he's done for them! And will try and do everything that makes him happy!

Well written! Cheers!

Sandhya said...

You have written the reality, which is happening now, in many houses. History will repeat.