Sunday, October 13, 2013

134. Suicide

Green leaf,
Why were you in a hurry?
Why did you fall down?

The leaves you joined in fall
Were all yellow and dead,
Their time was up,
No more could they cling
To strong branches of the tree,
No more could they fight
The wind they once swayed in.

But your life had just begun,
You had no reason to fall,
You had a right to the spring,
To sway in the cool breeze
And smile in the warm sun.

No one plucked you away,
No storm hit you,
Nor was your time up,
Then what made you depart?

You could give shade to travellers,
Bring solace to onlookers,
You could slowly turn yellow
Before falling to the ground.

You could let this happen,
But you were in a hurry,
Don't tell me what went wrong,
You have no reason, only excuse.


Sai Charan said...

Meaningful poem. Weaker hearts must try to become tougher and face challenges and not give up so easily!

Ankita said...

Amazing of the most beautiful poem I have read lately on blog! The concept is so unique and the imagery is lovely!

Keep writing :)