Sunday, November 24, 2013

153. Matter of concern

Recent allegations of sexual harassment against a senior journalist and a Supreme Court judge are a matter of concern. The alleged incidents have rightly attracted a lot of public hue and cry. Hopefully, a fair inquiry will be conducted and, if found guilty, the persons will be brought to book.

Attacks on the modesty of women have been getting a lot of media attention recently. Laws relating to rape have been made stricter. More and more NGOs are coming forward to take up the cases of victims. People in large numbers are coming out on the streets against such incidents as was seen when a gang-rape was committed in a moving bus in Delhi, followed by another gang-rape in the premises of a deserted factory in Mumbai. Despite this, it is a matter of concern that attacks on the modesty of women are showing no signs of ebbing. A recent report indicates that the cases of rape in Delhi have gone up after the bus rape case came to light. Or is it so, because more and more cases are getting reported and more and more complaints getting filed now ?

While all cases of sexual harassment and attacks on women's modesty should cause concern, the recent cases involving a senior journalist and a Supreme Court judge are very very disturbing indeed. People in our country have a lot of faith in media and judiciary. These two institutions are trusted with guarding the interests of common people against the Government and the powers that be. The reported incidents of harassment will undermine this faith in the two institutions. Caeser's wife has to be above all suspicion.

The two alleged incidents are also disturbing, because in both cases, there could be no excuse of lack of education, social injustice, pent-up anger, young-age immaturity, etc. This is the rubbish that is always dished out whenever young people, particularly from humble backgrounds are involved in rape or sexual harassment. Even this hollow defence is not available in the current cases.

Such incidents may be quite threatening to women workers. They were told to be careful while moving about in secluded and low-lit areas, but now they know that they need to be careful at their work places even while they are in the most 'august' company.

The only silver lining that I can think of is that in both cases, the victims had the courage to come out and speak against their alleged tormentors. This should serve as a warning to potential high and mighty tormentors of women.


Sandhya said...

More and more women who are affected and their families are getting bolder now to report and punish the culprit. Earlier, it was taboo and the whole community would criticise the girl who is affected. Now, they are ready to face it. But will it stop the culprits who hurt women from doing it again and again?

This had been happening all the time but people are becoming bolder now and this is a good sign.

R. Ramesh said...

ya is gud victims r speaking out..sensible post boss.awesome as usual ashokji..sorry I could not be in touch for gearing up for am important, happy family event in feb..dear blog friends like you are always in my mind..thanks for all the encouragement:)

Indrani said...

How well you have said this Onkar! Respect to you!
A systematic awareness has to be created and women should be supported and encouraged to come out in public on these issues.

Noopur Kothari said...

This is big matter of concern now... for such incidents people restrict girls... but is it there fault??
Beautiful post...keep it up!

Sai Charan said...

Well written. It is important that the Government finds a useful solution to improve the safety of women - at their workplace and also at public places.

Yes, more women are reporting their incidents now since the Delhi case and hopefully a practical solution should be found for this problem because the longer it continues, the more it disturbs the country.