Saturday, December 14, 2013

154. Weather in Delhi

The weather is beautiful in Delhi currently. It is mid-December, but there is no sign of freezing Delhi-type weather. The temperature is just optimum- neither too cold nor too hot. During the day time, one hardly requires warm clothes and in the night, no heavy blankets are necessary. There is no sign of fog. Visibility is quite good and driving is not a hassle at all at least on this account. The sun is coming out everyday, giving ample opportunities for lazing around in parks and gardens.I remember, around the Christmas last year, Delhi was so cold that staying indoors was the best option. No one wants a weather that forces people to stay indoors all the time. Hopefully, this year, things will be much better and even non-daring types will be able to enjoy late night Christmas and New Year parties.

This makes me realize that weather plays an important role in how we feel. If it is very hot and humid, we feel  irritated. If it rains continuously, we feel depressed. If it is too cold, we feel uncomfortable. Whatever restricts movement makes us miserable wherever we are. Good weather facilitates movement which cheers us up. Someone said, " Nothing clears up my spirits like a fine day." How true!

I also notice that so many cultural and musical programmes, fairs, film shows, etc. are being organized in Delhi now, taking advantage of the perfect weather.  People are rushing in droves to watch these programmes.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? But who needs spring when winter is so good?


Sandhya said...

Yes, weather plays an important part in our moods. My friend who lives in New Jersey says that people fight more with each other when they face severe winter since they are inside the house, 24 hours a day, looking at each other. Once sun comes up, their moods get cleared, it seems.

Sai Charan said...

Well written, yes can't agree more, weather does influence our behaviour!! We appreciate the sunshine more after a rain :) Enjoy the weather when it is good!! :)