Sunday, June 22, 2014

160. Catastrophe in Iraq

What is happening in Iraq is a matter of grave concern for the entire humanity. In a seemingly sudden development, ISIS fighters have captured large areas of Iraq and are closing in on its capital, Baghdad. The ruthlessness with which they have killed vanquished Iraqi soldiers shows their hatred and intent. The Iraqi forces have also been trying to fortify themselves by recruiting civilians in large numbers and giving them weapons and short training. Shia clerics have called upon followers to protect their prominent shrines in Iraq from the advancing Sunni fighters. The calls have led to thousands coming out into the streets, wielding modern weapons.

Why did this situation arise? Was it the inefficiency and partisan attitude of the current Iraqi regime? Was it the easy availability of modern weapons in a strife-torn zone? Was it the result of the efforts to prop up a regime which did not have the support of majority of Iraqi people? These political questions may best be left to political analysts to answer.

What is worrying is the inability of the world's top spying agencies with history of exposure in Iraq to predict the shape of things to come. There was hardly any sign of the catastrophe that is now staring us in the face. How can we try and prevent something of which we are not aware?

Even now, I don't see much effort being made to stop the catastrophe from happening. It seems everyone has given up on Iraq and is just waiting for things to happen there. There is no serious effort to bring the warring groups together. Media is also content, reporting events as they happen. There seems to be no effort to galvanize the global community and form strong public opinion against the sectarian polarization being witnessed in Iraq. I am not aware of any serious efforts being made by the UN to stop the possible genocide in Iraq.

Innocent people including Indians are trapped in the war-zone. Both sides are sharpening their weapons. There is hardly any reason for any hope. Those sitting in their protected environments far away from the conflict zone do not seem to be bothered. Agencies tasked with ensuring global peace appear to be clueless and disinterested.

Are we going to witness another Bosnia or Rwanda? Can we do anything except wait and watch ?

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Bikram said...

It is a very very sad state of affairs

and humans are killing humans in the neame orf religion .. how wrong can human kind become