Sunday, July 20, 2014

140. To the Baker

Baker, what are you baking?

Enough of cakes and pastries,
Breads of various hues,
Enough of festivals and parties,
Now, do something new.

Baker, you have baked enough,
You are experienced enough,
Try and bake a bread
That goes beyond a meal.

Baker, make a different mixture,
Bake a bread that can meet
The hunger of the hungry
Not just for a day,but forever.


Usha Menon said...

What a nice wish!! Bake a cake which will forever satisfy the hunger Nice one.

Sandhya said...

Nice one! I love warm home made breads and bakery breads too. I used to do often until a few years back. Too much work though, until you get used to it!

Bikram said...

ah ha what a thought Onkar sir.. indeed something that will kepe the hunger at bay all the time


Sai Charan said...

Very good poem. Yes, it's time the baker bakes something that can solve hunger in this world forever!! :)

Well written Onkarji!!