Sunday, January 18, 2015

165. On fog

Conditions are quite foggy in Delhi these days. Sometimes, there is dense fog up to 10 in the morning. This is a difficult time for people, particularly commuters. Trains run late and are frequently cancelled. Flight schedules get disrupted. Airports and platforms look like fish markets, with hapless passengers occupying every inch of space. Vehicles collide on roads, killing people. Pollution comes too close for comfort. Normal life gets disrupted.

But despite all these problems, I like fog. I find it very beautiful and love its feel on my face. Fog reminds me of snowfall in the hills. The good thing about it is that it is transient. At some point of time, the sun would come out and drive the fog away. So, one cannot have too much of it. On a holiday, when you don't have to go to your place of work and can stay in your bed late into the morning, it is heavenly. No visitor is expected. No commands are received to go to markets for vegetables, milk and groceries. You can just look out of your window and enjoy the fog, sipping tea and reading newspapers. It is a state of pure bliss.

I also like fog, because it hides all distractions. In dense fog, you cannot see anything. Trees, houses, neighbours - nothing is visible. When dense fog starts giving way, these entities slowly emerge as if just taking birth, before they emerge in their full beauty or ugliness.I find the whole process of revelation so exciting.

Sometimes, I think, we love fog because there is too much cacophony in our lives? All the time, we are running around. There are so many things to see all the time. There is no moment when we are blinded and immobilized. Fog is good, because it gives us our moments of inactivity. It disconnects us from the rest of the world. It connects us to ourselves.


Bikram said...

It reminds me of 2011 I landed in delhi and took a taxi to chandigarh .. we could see nothing.. God knows how the driver drove in that thick fog.. and how i survived the journey


Indrani said...

Fogs can be deceiving too. Drive safe.

Charan said...

Well written Onkarji!! I like your poetic description in the 3rd para and the philosophical line in the last para, yes fog does all that you've rightly described!! :)

Thanks for sharing!! :)

Ankita said...

fog gives me sort of a spooky feeling but still I like it for, as you too have remarked, it cuts the unwanted cacophony from our lives! nice post!