Sunday, June 14, 2015

170. On crying rooms

Recently, I read a report in media which I found quite amusing and 'thought-provoking'. A hotel in Tokyo has started offering crying rooms to women at $83 per day. The rooms have everything except husbands to make women cry. There are movies, sad comics and other stuff that are effective tear-jerkers. The rooms have been thoughtfully equipped with eye masks, soft tissues, make-up removers and what not. The needs of the guests have been fully taken care of. Women will not miss anything that is required to cry comfortably and elegantly. The idea is to let them cry to their heart's content without anyone watching them unless, of course , there are hidden cameras, the types of which we find in some of our hotel rooms and toilets. The crying rooms are intended to make women de-stress and overcome their emotional problems.

What I don't understand is why such rooms have been provided exclusively for women. Do the hotel owners feel that men do not require such rooms, because they get a lot of opportunity anyway to cry. While I have not come across any research to this effect, my empirical assessment is that men indeed have no dearth of opportunities to cry. This may be specially true of married men. I would like to believe that married women generally would not require crying rooms, because they have the advantage to de-stress by making their husbands cry. The icing on the cake is that in all probability they will have opportunity to watch their husbands cry which should help them de-stress further.

This also brings me to a financial issue. Why pay $83 per day when you can de-stress at no cost to yourself? To me, this does not make any financial sense. Women can rather pay this amount to their husbands. This will financially compensate the husbands for being stressed. Also, the money will remain within the family and most likely  come back to wives sooner than later. So, in the entire process, women keep the money while ensuring their emotional well-being and husbands have a false sense of compensation which, to some extent, may reduce their overall level of stress. Is it not a win-win situation?

I am looking forward to a comprehensive report on how the crying rooms of the Tokyo hotel are doing. Are they crying for customers?


Linda said...

Fascinating post. I have never heard of crying rooms...until I read your post. I agree with you; one can de-stress without such cost, and this would be both men and women....both need to combat stress.

Indrani said...

How weird! Crying rooms! Hearing it for the first time.

Gemstone said...

Very Sad to Read about Crying Room in Such an Advanced Country like JAPAN .

Amit lamba

Ankita said...

Innovative business idea I must say and it also shows that in general, the womenfolk are not happy in Japan.