Saturday, April 09, 2016

173. Strange desires

I recently read about a 55 year old man who first went in for gender change and then had a number of painful surgeries to become a 'dragon lady'. The road to the dragon lady meant removal of nose and ears, change in the shape of eyes and teeth, bifurcation of the tongue and implant of two horns on the head. The surgeries were done over a period of 11 years and obviously cost a bomb.

I marvel at what the modern science is capable of doing, but feel disappointed with the use it is being put to. Scientific advancements have done a lot to improve the quality of life and increasing the length of life itself, but they have also been instrumental in destroying and de-shaping life. Wars and terrorism have become much more lethal and now science is aiding people in doing atrocious things to themselves.

One can argue that it is one's own body and one should have liberty to do with it what one wants. True, but if this argument is taken to an extreme, even suicides should be permitted. Torturing one's body and reshaping it into something weird and shocking just to cater to one's senseless wish appears to me gross abuse of science. The skills and the resources deserve to be put to much better use - whether for the benefit of the society or the individual.

A university of Birmingham study shows that 40% of those who have gone in for such surgeries have attempted to commit suicide. It seems to me that such people are perpetually in search of elusive happiness. They do weird things to their bodies, thinking this would make them happy, but ultimately get disappointed.

I think, it is high time, the international community starts thinking of stopping gross abuse of scarce resources in the name of individual liberty.  Capabilities of modern science should not be available to people who have money, time and desire to put them to weird uses. This seems to be a much simpler task than stopping the use of science in war and terrorism.


Bikram said...

True.. I dont agree with all the transformation for Fun.. There is a person who has changed his face to that of a Lion.. WHY

but then its free world they can do what they want SIGH


arjun said...

Thanks for sharing..

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Sai Charan said...

Definitely agree with your views. Abuse of medical advancements must stop.