Sunday, April 24, 2016

67. Yoga in Brazil

Yoga is no longer limited to India and its neighboring countries. It is also no longer limited to places with sizable Indian population. I found evidence of this when I recently visited Rio. While taking a stroll on Copacabana, the most famous beach in Rio, I found scores of people doing Yoga. Hardly any of them was of Indian origin. In fact, there is hardly any presence of people of Indian origin in Rio. Brazilians love fast-paced music and vigorous physical activities. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see them doing Yoga in such large numbers. Certainly, they must have discovered the holistic benefits and calming influence of Yoga which inspired them to take to something far from their natural liking. I was told that there are a large number of qualified Yoga teachers and a number of Yoga clubs in Brazil. It seems to me that Yoga, which is now practiced in so many countries and by so many people, can be a powerful instrument of promoting India into a major international tourist destination and of achieving the goal of a global community.  


How do we know said...

How lovely to read about this! Thank you for sharing!

Indrani said...

That is a good sign but I wish people followed it here too.