Saturday, June 18, 2016

156. Awake in dreams

She comes in my dreams every night,
Sits close to me, chats all the time.
I just keep gazing at her,
Trying to soak in every detail
Of her being, her attire,
Every little nuance of her voice,
Inflections of her speech,
Her gestures, her smile, her cry.

She vanishes the moment I wake up,
I keep on trying,
But cannot reconstruct her,
Cannot remember the nuances
I studies so minutely in my dreams.

Is there no way I can keep awake
When she visits me in my dreams?


How do we know said...

The age old conundrum :)

Indrani said...

Well written. :)

David Lynne said...

Nice Written, I like this Post.

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Madhuri said...

Beautiful poem ... love it !!!

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