Monday, August 01, 2016

177. On rains

Rains normally evoke a very soothing, sometimes romantic image, in our minds. So many songs have been written on rains. Hindi movies often carry scenes of heroes and heroines getting drenched in rain, enjoying their moments of bliss, hardly ever catching cold in the aftermath. There are movies which have shown people hit hard by droughts, praying for rains. Barring stray mentions of floods, rains have almost always been mentioned as something to be welcomed and embraced.

Current experience of rains in parts of India is quite to the contrary. Newspapers are full of rains causing unprecedented traffic jams on highways, potholes in cities,  floods and soil erosion in plains and avalanches in mountains. Big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are reeling under the fury of rains. Diseases and mosquitoes are thriving in rains. There are long queues of patients outside doctors' chambers.

I am reminded of the English poet Wordsworth who wrote enchanting poems on nature. Someone wrote an essay titled " Wordsworth in the Tropics" to highlight the hostile side of nature in the tropics where trees are so thick that even sunlight does not reach the ground. Wordsworth could write so appreciatively about nature, because he lived in Britain. If he had been in the tropics, he would have realized that nature could be very intimidating and inimical and would have written very different poems on nature.

The way we are playing with nature, making it respond with fury, the day may not be far when rains will evoke dreadful images in our minds. Hindi song writers may soon write songs, very different from what we have seen in many Raj Kapoor films.


Sai Charan said...

A very practical opinion on the problems which heavy rains bring. After a scorching summer, early monsoon rains bring respite but as soon as they turn severe, they disturb normal life.


Bikram said...

So true .. and then we will blame nature again..