Sunday, March 12, 2017

182. Is this Cricket?

Gentlemanly behaviour has always been considered an integral part of sports. Sports-persons understand that victory and defeat are part of the game. At the end, the winner and the loser shake hands and continue to remain friends. During the game, there are tense moments. Players get angry and emotional at times, but are not supposed to cross the line. This sort of spirit is missing in other competitive fields and hence, the term "sportsman spirit" has been coined. 

Cricket seems to be an exception. Foul words, gesticulations, abuses- all have become an integral part of the game. Each and every altercation gets faithfully reported and media laps it up. Each gesticulation is captured by TV cameras and channels keep showing it for days together. There seems to be more focus on all this than on the game itself.

In the current India- Australia series also, we have witnessed unseemly incidents. Media continues to report on the DRS controversy involving Australian Captain Smith and his Indian counterpart, Virat Kohli. However, what crossed all limits was the facial expression of Ishant Sharma while mocking the Australian Captain.

Many found the expression quite entertaining, but I thought, it was downright grotesque. Abusive words and even fisticuffs would have been less offensive. Mere recall of Ishant Sharma's facial expression spoils my day. There should be some way of stopping such things on the field of play.

Some people genuinely believe that such activities make the game entertaining. I fail to understand why better props cannot be found to make the game entertaining and why the game needs any props at all. I also don't understand why players keep crossing the line in Cricket which is played only by a handful of nations. We don't see such things in Tennis, Badminton and other games which are played by a much larger number of nations. 

The funniest part is that Cricket is known as gentlemen's game. If what Ishant Sharma has done is gentlemanliness, God save us from gentlemanliness. 

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Ankita Sharma said...

I agree with your point. The use of cuss words is everywhere these days and cricket tops the list