Sunday, September 30, 2018

82. Sardhana Church

When I went to Meerut a few days back, some locals told me about the Church at Sardhana, about 25 kilometres away. I decided to make a quick visit in the morning before returning to Delhi. The road was quite good and there was greenery all around. Fields on both sides of the road were full of sugarcane plants. We crossed a beautiful canal and landed in Sardhana.
Basilica of Our Lady of Graces, also known as Churches among the Churches, is dedicated to Virgin Mary.It was built by Begum Samru who married a European soldier. Samru converted to Roman Catholicism in 1781.She is regarded as the only Catholic ruler in India, and ruled the Principality of Sardhana in the 8th and 19th centuries. The Church is beautifully constructed with a lot of open space all around. The main pathway to the Church is lined with statues depicting various stories from the life of Jesus Christ. The place exudes serenity and is definitely worth visiting. 


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What a lovely church!

How do we know said...

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