Monday, April 13, 2020

198. Use of teeth as ornaments

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I read an interesting report in newspapers recently. In Turkey, excavators have found two 8500-year old human teeth which were used as pendants. The teeth had been intentionally drilled to enable them to be worn as ornaments. These showed signs of wear and tear, indicating prolonged use as ornaments.

The news is quite encouraging for people with tooth problems. They can now hope to ask their dentists to keep their extracted teeth and give some discount in bills. May be, teeth become so popular as pendants that dentists start paying those who need extraction. Dentists can then double up as sellers of pendants and may have tie-ups with jewelry chains. Patients may also insist on return of their extracted teeth so that they can sell the same later when prices go up.

May be, people who can keep all their teeth intact in old age will be considered wealthy. They will have the satisfaction of leaving a lot of wealth for their children when they die. People will say that so and so died, leaving 32 teeth behind for his/her children.

Women who are in the habit of breaking their husbands' teeth will be amply rewarded for their rage. Love may blossom if wives wear their husbands' teeth as pendants in necklaces. This way, if not whole husbands, at least their teeth will be close to their hearts.

Possibilities are immense and exciting. Ladies must sit up and take note. A new era of fashion is knocking on their doors. They must get ready to arrange some teeth from within or outside their families to be able to catch up in time.

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