Thursday, June 21, 2007

5. Rotey rotey hasnaa seekho...

"The only way to get our smile back is to reduce and manage stress”, said a close friend some time back. He seems to have summed up the problem quite well. We are a generation of highly stressed people. We worry about things which will never happen and feel stressed. We envy others for possessing things which we will never get and feel stressed. We keep brooding over things we cannot change and feel stressed. We work hard to behave in a manner which can never come to us naturally and feel stressed. We are surrounded by so much of stress that a smile has no way to reach us.

When stress becomes too suffocating, the best way to get rid of it is to cry. Crying is our natural response to intense sadness. But we do not cry, because crying is not manly. Nor is it womanly. (These days you may occasionally see an educated man crying, but your hope of seeing an educated woman cry can never be fulfilled.)

Crying is cathartic- it cleanses you from within. After a good cry, you feel at peace with yourself - totally de-stressed and ready to smile. There was a time when we used to cry a lot while watching movies. If the hero got an incurable disease or the heroine declined to marry him, the loss appeared to be our own. We used to cry by buckets. But now-a-days, we keep tears at bay by constantly reminding ourselves that what we are watching is only fiction. And if a stray tear forces itself out, we carefully look around and wipe it away with remarkable dexterity. To be caught stealing is less embarrassing than to be caught crying.

If you want to smile, cry to your heart’s content at the slightest provocation. Cry hard in toilets and bathrooms and come out smiling. After some time, move to the next stage and cry in public. And if some one smiles at your tears, don’t hesitate to help him on his way to tears.

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