Thursday, March 20, 2008

22. Speak moderately for Mantra effect

When we speak moderately, we not only give others a fair share in the conversation, but also express our distilled thoughts and views. We have all the time to think and weigh. What we express at the end of this process is likely to be sensible and, therefore, effective. In a rapid-fire mode, we hardly have the opportunity to judge whether the thoughts which come rushing to our mind are worth expressing.Another reason why we should speak moderately is that the other person is likely to listen to us attentively if we do so. We, therefore, have a better chance of conveying to him what we really want to convey. Since human beings have a limited attention span, the more we speak, the more we lose the ears of the listener. The conversation cannot, therefore, produce the desired effect.Many of us are in a hurry to pass our accumulated wisdom to our children. We are eager to see that they correct what we consider to be their mistakes. The result is often counter-productive, because children have very little patience. If we really want to have our way with them, we have to speak moderately and carefully, keeping their mood in mind. We have to listen much more than we speak. Otherwise, children may dismiss whatever we say as "lecturing".Our ancient seers used to speak in mantras and hence, were effective. We need not give up worldly comforts like they did, but at least we can try to speak in Mantras.

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