Saturday, November 08, 2008

45.Habits Die Hard

The winter is almost in. It is difficult to manage now in summer clothes, except for the daytime when the sun is out in full strength. But the sun is fighting a losing battle. In a few days, it will give in and the winter will have complete sway. Days also will be quite cold and the sun will be watching helplessly.
Many of us have been caught unawares by the current nip. We get up in the middle of the night, looking for a thick sheet to ward off the chill. In the morning, we put on our ‘kurta-pyjama’ and go to the park as always only to realize that we need something warmer. We walk barefoot in the house, but soon find out that slippers are a must on the floor which no longer feels warm. This goes on for some time until we are able to make the required changes in the way we live.
Year after year, we face the same situation, but it is only after suffering discomfort for a few days that we are able to make the necessary changes. Experience of previous years just does not help. Change is something we all want, but it is so difficult to strive for and bring about. We are slaves to our own habits. Status quo is so difficult to get away from. We want to maintain it even if it causes some discomfort. We change our ways only when we are forced to.
In a few days, the winter will be fully on us and it will no longer be possible to maintain our summer ways. We will then quickly mend our ways and get into the winter life-style. But by then, many of us would have caught cold.

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Anonymous said...

The Blog on the onset of Winter is interesting - I mean, I liked it because I love this season and I am looking forward to it. As somebody else commented, nice flow of thoughts but reference to the Sun made me smile when the blogger says "sun will be watching helplessly" - I thought, we would be very longingly looking towards heavens to pray tha
t the Sun may showe
r us with much needed warmth!! But that was a thought - in fact I know that 'sun watching helplessly' and 'sun fighting a loosing battle' are superb expressions. Keep doing the good work. Vibhu