Sunday, January 11, 2009

22. Tears in the Rain

Let me go out in the rain
Not to play with the falling drops,
But to shed tears trapped inside
Without anyone getting a hint.

Open tears will make close ones sad
And lead strangers to ridicule me,
But the rain will give me a chance
To cry to the last tear in me.

In the morning when the rain ceases,
Leaves and flowers will be clean
Paths will be free of dust
And the air will be light and cool.

With the tears inside me drained out
To the last possible droplet,
My heart will be light and clean
Ready to smile once again.


Aviral said...

Very nice poem, but you told me a few days back that you had run out of ideas for poems, then where did this come from?

Indrani said...

Why such a teary poem?
Difficult to understand poets!

humanobserver said...

Superb....The way you played with words I liked it very much....

R. Ramesh said...

thanks 4 passing by boss.stay connected

Saadia said...

Very melancholic and touching. Do you write poetry in Hindi or Urdu too?

Onkar said...

Thanks, Saadia. I do write in Hindi as well.

Saadia said...

So why don't you post your hindi poems here too? I'm sure they're even more powerful. Perhaps, you could write them in english transliteration.