Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25. Bushes in the Wild

Plants standing in a smart row
Trimmed to the last leaf
Protected against all harm
Look beautiful to the eye.

Much more beautiful are the bushes
That grow freely in the wild
Sometimes spreading to the path
Formed by human exploration,
Challenging passers-by to cross over
Or find an alternative way.

The bushes look bold and strong
Even as they are chopped off
Or are consumed by the wild fire
Which sometimes spreads through the forest.


R. Ramesh said...

plants and bush..good comparison..

Indrani said...

Lovely lines again, Onkar!
Keep them coming.

Aviral said...

very good poem, but when did you write it? you never told me about it.

humanobserver said...

As usual,beautiful composition.

Sai Charan said...


Nice comparision of trimmed plants with the bushes that grow in the wild.

Yes, there is full freedom for the wild bushes, which makes them bold and strong.

Onkarji, thanks a lot for your friendly visit to my blog.