Monday, April 06, 2009

31. Fatherly advice

Don’t act childish, my son.

The sleepless nights I spent
During your illness and discomfort
The anxious moments I had
Over your study and your career
The little comforts I could arrange
The answers I could provide
The happy moments I could create
The love I could generate-
Try to forget all this, my son.

If that is beyond you,
Remember things I could not do
Comforts I could not provide
Pain I made you suffer
Embarrassment I managed to cause.

What I did was my duty
What I did not was my failure.

Go away unburdened, my son
Seek things of your choice
Pursue dreams of your life
Discard emotions that imprison.

Go with your conscience clear,
Don’t act childish, my son.


R. Ramesh said...

good one..enjoyed reading..

Kadri said...

That's great! =)

Our oldest son has turned 18 and he's legally an adult man now. We told him how happy we are that we have managed to support him into adulthood and how proud we are over the man that he has become and ... he didn't understand it. He's too young now but one day he'll know what we were talking about.

Most of all I wonder over the things that we've failed to do, the things that we could have done better. His life is one of the greatest gifts we've ever gotten and I hope we have done well.

humanobserver said...

Kudos ! Hope your son will read this poem carefully.

nituscorner said...

very touching.....i hope your son sees the depth in this poem.

Anonymous said...
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Saadia said...

Very gripping.