Thursday, April 02, 2009

64.Overcoming the fear of death

Fear of death is very natural to human beings. But fear is not something we would live to live with if we can help it. So, can we do something about the fear of death? Is there a way to get rid of or at least manage it?
Is it not strange that human beings are so scared of something that is inevitable? One who has been born is destined to die. If one keeps reminding oneself of the inevitability of death, one can, perhaps, shed some fear. Why be scared of something which cannot be avoided; why not meet the inevitable fearlessly- this kind of self-talk may be of some help.
Those who believe in reincarnation may, perhaps, keep reminding themselves that there is nothing like death. The soul does not die. It only keeps changing its outer covering. A tree sheds its worn out leaves in the autumn and acquires new ones during the spring, but the tree itself is alive. Why be scared of death because death does not really exist.
Those who are convinced that they have done no wrong and deserve to be free of the cycle of births and deaths may look forward to ‘moksha’ (if they believe in this).
Those who wonder what kind of experience death is may like to think that it is like everyday sleep. The only difference is that this is the sleep from which they are not going to wake up. They may find the idea of a real long slumber rather comforting.


R. Ramesh said...

funny it may seem, it's not my death that scares me, but the passing away of near andd dear ones..

Aviral said...

i suppose dying in sleep is the best way to die

Saadia said...

I can't help but think that the fear of death (and afterlife for those who believe in it) is a requisite for leading a healthy life. You know you only have so much time to do stuff, and to do it right. No?