Thursday, May 28, 2009

37. Tree to traveller-III

Don’t despair at loss of my leaves,
I am down, but hardly out.

My roots are strong enough
To draw food from the soil
And keep me firm on the ground
Against hostile wind and rain.

It is only a matter of months
Before new leaves adorn me
Before birds come flocking,
Seeking to build nests on me.

Traveller, when you return home
You will find me much younger,
Birds will seek you out from far
To invite you to sit in my shade.


Kadri Luik said...

I really love your "Tree to the traveller" poems I hope there are more to come. =)

Aparna said...

I had been keenly following this Onkar, though had not commented earlier. Beautiful words.

Aviral said...

beautiful flow of thoughts...

Rajesh said...

Nice poem. I see lot of trees around my home, which have shed their leaves sometime back they are growing them again.

lala said...

i hope there are more coming from the traveller to the tree. i'm waiting for them.