Sunday, December 13, 2009

55. Mumbai after 26.11

This city gave me everything-
A house to live in,
Air to breathe,
Food to eat,
Water to drink…

On its roads I walked
Hand in hand with my wife,
In its streets my children learnt
How to stand up on their feet.

I loved its carefree people
Its speed mesmerized me,
I admired the way it throbbed
Long after I had gone to sleep.

I liked the occasional sight
Of movie stars in their cars,
Sitting behind hazy windows
Looking very much like me.

Above all, I liked the ocean
Its changing sounds and colours,
Its waters kissing the city,
Its vastness offering protection.

But things are no longer the same
The city does not look as beautiful
And the ocean that let attackers in –
I don’t like it any more.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

beautiful sentiments, well- expressed. It's sad to have your love for the city dented. terrorism never should have its day!

R. Ramesh said...

dont say that plzzzz ya...i love mumbai...:)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

That was heartfelt and direct.

Anrosh said...

ever since that first attack in 1993, the fear has always been there. but bombayites face amnesia, the polticians are reckless and everyone wants a piece of bombay;s heart - the terror and migratory marathi manoos wants it to too - with forced resilience bombay marches on.

i guess bombay should have its own celebration in every city - one day when all the vehicles and the shops will go for a bandh. and the people should silently march in the streets with ballons in the hand - and the loud speaker only for coordinating - and NO noise blaring hindi songs.

instead of the famous ad " I love bombay - it should be - THE Spirt of Bombay " - forced resilience

rohini said...

hey i liked ur posts...they r so brief and apt..this poem also takes my heart

Anonymous said...

A great tribute to Mumbai.