Saturday, April 10, 2010

64.Young green leaf

(Pl. read with poem no. 63- Victim of greed)

Don't call my ambition my greed,
Don't insult me with stray remarks.

More sunshine and abundant water,
Is it a crime to strive for ?
Is it a sin to detest drabness,
Is it wrong to eye a lively world?

Is it good to follow the timid
Who enjoy no thrill of risk,
Who are deaf to their heart's voice,
Who keep sulking wherever they are?

Death is certain sooner or later,
What if it knocks a little early?
Isn't it better to be foolish and perish
Than to be wise and live in denial?


R. Ramesh said...

my god ..bhaiyaji bahut serious mamla kar diya aappne..hehe..hw r u buddy? best wishes always:)

How do we know said...

i LOVED the last 2 lines... NOW that leaf really is a woman.. and unfortunately, most women are wise.. and they live long. Thank you for this!