Saturday, April 03, 2010

86.Plight of the old

Newspapers have recently come out with some surveys to show the miseries of the aged in our society. It is good that media has started paying some attention to this neglected section that has hardly any option but to suffer in silence.

We keep reading or hearing about cases where old people living on their own or left behind in their homes by their working children are murdered or injured by robbers. On roads, they can be easily waylaid- unable to resist, raise alarm or run.

We keep hearing about cruelty against the aged- children physically torturing or even killing their parents for property. Once relieved of property, they are on occasions thrown out of their homes to fend for themselves.

It is difficult to imagine how much torture- physical or emotional- the aged are subjected to in their homes.Frustration is often vented on the weak and who is weaker than the aged. They have no future as far as income generation is concerned. The last drop of juice has been squeezed out of them.They are seen as a huge burden on the family. They keep falling ill,are unable to do household chores,can be quite embarrassing before visitors and are boring to their modern grandchildren. In today's small apartments, they occupy precious space. They take away a big slice of limited family incomes.They restrict freedom of family members who can neither take them out nor leave them behind.Their death is keenly awaited.

Children forget all their parents had done for them. They forget that they will also grow old someday.


kavita said...

We get so selfish that we don't even mind cutting down our own roots...sad !!

R. Ramesh said...

ya old age is a great challenge..wish there was a social security scheme to kep elderly happy in India...:)i am also in the queue