Saturday, May 08, 2010

88.In praise of dentists

Every second person now-a-days seems to have a dental problem. Toothache is much more common than heartache.People reach their workplaces late or leave early,because they have an appointment with their dentists.Others in the medical profession must be envious of their dental counterparts and must be ruing their decision not to opt for dentistry. Of all parts of the human body, teeth seem to be perpetually in need of fixing.

We hear about extraction, drilling, pulling, reconstruction, etc., every day.It is difficult to imagine that such ferocious words are used in relation to a part of the human body.The poor patient is awe-struck even before the treatment begins.The instruments lying around the dental table are also not less awe-inspiring. Often, the work cannot be finished in one sitting. RCT to extraction to bridging to capping to monitoring- it is a long unending journey.Once you visit a dentist, you must be ready for a life-long association.

In our childhood days, we never had the fortune of visiting dentists. There were none around. Toothache used to be treated with clove oil, camphor and other home remedies.Teeth used to fall out by themselves, unaided by dentists. No antibiotics or painkillers were required. Fractured teeth were allowed to remain where they were until they gave up. Toothache would make the patient whine for a couple of days and then everything would fall in place.

I am not sure if modern dentistry has helped us chew better or more with less pain.These doubts must be bothering many, but none is willing to take a chance. Dentists are able to cast a spell on their patients despite all their intimidating expressions and instruments.


Unknown said...

Just look skyward and open your mouth BIG when you visit a dentist!! Luckily my experiences with dentists so far have not been traumatic. She is ever so sweet and that helps to relax a patient:))

R. Ramesh said...

haha good post..i am sure my blog friends nitu and kavita will be hapy to read this...say cheese buddy..hey but why the close up photo yar??? u could have shown the beautiful tooth of bollywood beauties..heheh

Kavita Saharia said...

You are absolutely right Ramesh...this post made me extremely happy.No Dentist bashing for a change.

Onkar ji ..thanks a lot .

R. Ramesh said...

dropped in 2 say hi:)

Onkar said...

Thanks a lot, Ramesh.

Deepak Acharya said...

thank god, my teeth are fine :)