Sunday, May 30, 2010

90.Vanishing yellow canopy


IMG_0920 Now

Amaltas is gradually vanishing from gardens and streets. Most trees now display green leaves with hardly any hint of yellow. Some trees, however, are still resisting the pressure , but very soon, their stubbornness will melt. They will have to shed their flowers.Amaltas lovers will then have a long wait of about a year before they could see the flowers again.


While Amaltas is all but gone, there are others like bougainvillea and sunflower that make the scorching and drab summer of Delhi somewhat pleasant and colourful.These can be seen in nooks and corners of parks, many of them growing wildly. Before or after a long hot day, Delhiites can have their eye-fill of these flowers and be grateful for the little mercies of nature in a rather hostile climate.


To me, these flowers are not as inspiring as Amaltas, but we value them more, because they are not as easily available as Amaltas. They are seen at limited places in limited quantities.We seek them out, gaze at them and admire them. After all, there is some value in holding back.