Sunday, June 27, 2010

69.Evening over the ocean

Over the ocean, in the sky,

Setting sun plays with drifting clouds,

Sometimes hiding, sometimes emerging,

Offering bouquets of changing colours.


Tired, the sun retires for the night,

Its colours still adorning the sky

Until the moon and stars appear

To have their own fill of the ocean.

Waves keep coming to the shore

And returning with the same rhythm

To tirelessly check if all is well

As darkness takes over.


Trees turn into silhouettes,

Standing still in their places

As if to maintain careful vigil

Before the sun comes out again.

(pics courtsey Aviral)


Indrani said...

A tranquil moment so well described. Beautiful lines.

R. Ramesh said...

excellent yar: and thanks for yr encouragement buddy:)

Neena Sharma said...

I loved the last stanza in particular.

Onkar said...
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yogesh baweja said...

i did not know about this dimension of your personality. i really liked ur poems.
yogesh baweja