Saturday, August 21, 2010

94.Doctors are next to God

I hugely admire doctors.They are the ones who can save lives.They may not be able to bring a dead one alive, but in many cases, they can stop one from dying.They can make life worth living by taking care of diseases, discomforts and disabilities. Brain, heart, eyes, ears, throat, knees, lungs, stomach, liver, kidney – there is nothing they cannot fix. With their skills improving and better technology at their command, they are able to save more and more lives with each passing day. While other sections of the society have useful roles to play, the contribution of doctors is unparalleled. I put them next to God. God gives life,but doctors keep it disease-free and ensure that it is not snuffed out prematurely.

I feel disappointed when I read newspaper reports that the number of children wanting to be doctors is stagnating over the years. There is a significant jump every year in the number of those opting to be engineers, MBAs and Civil Servants, but alas, the situation is different when it comes to medical profession.

One reason cited for this trend is that medical studies and profession demand very hard work at least during the initial years.The gestation period is long.The returns are not proportionate. This is dissuading many from becoming doctors.

I think, the biggest factor is that we have not been able to give doctors the respect they deserve.We have not been able to create a halo around this noble profession. If you ask people to name five top politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists or sportspersons, they will be able to do.But if you ask them to name five top doctors, they will give up.

Ours is a vast country with a huge population.We badly need a steady supply of competent and dedicated doctors to keep the population in good health. If we can’t give them more money, at least, let us give them more respect.


The Panorama said...

Onkar, you have a point. But I feel, doctors i India have also not earned the respect of people. They think only of money. There is little left of the term "the Noble profession" in the medical profession these says.
These days people want to go into business or private sector to earn money. Good post!

Rajesh said...

Very well written. It is very difficult for doctors to start their own. They have to work at some reputed institution to get some recognition.

R. Ramesh said...

excellent post buddy..the worst thing is the money involved in doing the MBBS the docs want returns the process they do what Panorama has explaned in her comment..sad but true...not only medicine it's commercialisation at all levels..well, v cant beat them, lets join them buddy:)

kavita said...

Good post Onkar ji !Medical services abroad is very expensive and people there don't mind spending on their health.They have a properly planned health insurance system and their medical services are well monitored.
Out here problems are could be a very long discussion.I n last 17-18 yrs of my practice i have seen many aspects of the same.At the end of the day...i love my profession and love being a doctor(i am a dentist).

Indrani said...

Great topic for discussion.
Very well written.

How do we know said...

i also agree with Panorma. I started out respecting doctors big time but now when i see them experimenting with people - children even, for drug trials, when i see them recommending random drugs for money, it makes my blood boil. When i see them blatantly accept gifts from pharma companies, it makes me very sad. How can you respect a mercenary?